We are Marta Plaza and Benny Fernandez. Journalists with more than 21 years of experience all combined in communication, media, digital marketing, and recruitment.

But you know what? That is not the reason that put us together. It is Madrid and a wanderlust spirit.

Traveling is our passion. We travel as much as we can and we are clear about how the best way to overcome the fear of the difference is by knowing others the same way you know your own.

FeetOn emerges due to that idea.

Why did we choose this name? Because put your feet on the destination is how the trip begins.

From there, you can be sure that if you know a place with the eyes of a local you will love it.

That is our purpose. We are going to make you love Madrid and so many other magical and charming places.

We enjoy Madrid. We travel the world and that motion meets FeetOn engines. We are going to share our experiences with you. Be ready to feel our traveling soul.

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