Arganzuela’s Crystal Palace
Entrada exterior principal del Palacio de Cristal de Arganzuela (Madrid)

Arganzuela’s Crystal Palace

Madrid has hundreds of places to get lost to enjoy relaxing and original activities. Just when you think you know something very well, there is always more …and more.

This is the case with the Crystal Palace. Did you know that in Madrid we have two crystal palaces? It is not new to anyone that the best known is the one located in Retiro’s Park. Well, the other one less known but worth visiting is Arganzuela district Crystal Palace.

Arganzuela’s Crystal Palace is part of ‘Matadero de Madrid’ network buildings. It is also known as the “Potato Industrial ship”.

Some info you should know about Arganzuela's Crystal Palace

  • Made by Luis Bellido y González (around 1940).
  • It is framed within the 19th century Iron architecture.
  • its design is based on the nineteenth-century reconversion of Vienna and London gardens.
  • This iron and glass construction was restored in 1992 when it was assigned the current role of greenhouse and botanical garden. You can find more than 9,000 species of plants with diverse microclimates.
Once inside the space is distributed in a central space and four other closed areas that reproduce two tropical microclimates, one subtropical, and one desertic climate. An addition to the visit that will captivate you are the sheets of water, fountains, and aquariums.

Plan your visit

📍Paseo de la Chopera, 10 (Madrid).
🎟️Free Entrance.
⌚Winter (16 sept-14 jun). Closed on Mondays / Tues.-Fri.: 9am-3pm / Weekends and bank holidays: 10am-2pm

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