Climate Change Conference: Climate ambition in Madrid
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Climate Change Conference: Climate ambition in Madrid

Madrid becomes the climate’s capital. From December 2nd to December 13th, the capital of Spain will host the climate summit. This event is taking place under the Government of Chile Presidency but held with logistical support from the Government of Spain. A month ago, Chile had to refuse to host the conference due to safety reasons.

More than 25,000 people will attend the Climate Summit in Madrid. Delegates from over 50 countries and even young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg (which is expected to attend the summit too) will gather to update national climate action plans (NDC’s) and to establish the ambition to maintain global warming in manageable figures (between 2 and 1.5 Celsius degrees). 

Remember that according to the scientific community, the global temperature will rise between 3.7 and 4.8 Celsius degrees on average by the year 2100 if we do not act NOW.

Main Objectives

Madrid Conference will serve as a link to reinforce countries’ action commitments in preparation for the Paris Agreement (entering into force in 2020). In a specific way, delegates will take into consideration the development of article 6 related to countries’ emissions exchange. Likewise, the ambition of keeping greenhouse gas emissions within manageable limits will be marked.

We talk about relevant issues not only at the level of states but of private companies that can affect key economic sectors. For example, airlines will have to set a commitment to reduce their emissions. This being said is nothing more than a simplification of what is expected to be highly technical conversations that will probably have a great impact on travelers’ pockets. A rise in the airplane ticket price is more than certain.

The aeronautical sector will not be the only one affected. Food or renewable energy sectors are key as well. Important decision making that will shape our immediate future with Madrid as the main stage for the next two weeks.

Conference Main Issues

  • Global transition to renewable energy.
  • Sustainable and resilient infrastructure and cities.
  • Agriculture and sustainable management of our Oceans and Forests.
  • Resilience and adaptation to climate impacts.
  • Convergence of public and private financing with a zero net emission economy.

Madrid Conference Organization

The summit takes place at the Ifema Convention Center organized in two areas. The Blue Zone: This is the area assigned to the United Nations where political conversations and contacts take place. The Green Zone: dedicated to the Global Climate Action Agenda is located in Ifema’s Pavilion number 1. It is an area for citizens. Spain contributes to this space to environmental awareness by developing activities focused on fair transition, health, gender, sustainable finance, innovation, forests, science and climate change or nature-based solutions. The organization aims to involve not only those attending the Ifema Convention Center but also bringing all actions in favor of awareness to all citizens. For this, the Green Castellana has been developed, which covers one of Madrid’s central axis: from Atocha to Plaza de Castilla. There will be free exhibitions, talks, and activities. You can check the agenda (in Spanish).

Madrid Climate Capital

The Climate Summit will put Madrid in the center of the climate change conversation worldwide.

The city of Madrid is committed to providing all visitors with the best assistance. Tourist Information points have been reinforced with “Madrid Green Capital” as a motto. Digital Madrid Guide with QR code in English, French, and Spanish are available making it easier to visit the town with no paper wasting.

Madrid has the opportunity to be a key place in decision-making for the planet’s sustainable future proving -once again- its climate awareness and the essence of a European capital open to everyone.


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